Thai massage therapy increases energy level and stamina, improving your overall health. Massage relieves accumulated stress and eliminates feelings from being overworked. You will experience care of our experienced masseuses trained personally by massage masters in Thailand. Let your body enjoy time of relaxation, put it into our hands and gather new powers at our place!

Thai massage helps you both in prevention and treatment of your particular problems. With its wide range of application, it has been traditionally used against various diseases. Massage will increase performance of your musculoskeletal system, strengthening also all your body functions.

Thai foot massage complemented by foot reflexology effectively reduces muscle tension and stress. This very enjoyable and comprehensive procedure benefits your circulatory and nervous systems, stimulating body organs through reflex points and lines to improve their functions. It is suitable for anybody, unfortunately except pregnant women in the first trimester and those suffering from skin injury or disorder in foot area.

The Thai Massage

Thanks to the Thai therapy you will regain your life energy and improve your health. You will lose your stress and stop feeling overworked. You will be treated by experienced massage therapists who acquired their expertise from masters in Thailand. Let your body relax with us and gain new energy.

The Traditional Thai Massage

A pleasant and relaxing massage that will relieve you from stress. It will stretch your body and enliven its energy.

The Thai Oil Massage

Massaging your body with fine aromatic oils will help you relax. Your body and mind will be calm again. You will feel boosted and relaxed.

The Foot Reflexology

Thanks to this kind of massage you will lose the pain after the whole day on your feet. It will release your stress and harmonize your organs.

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